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The news today from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is that the U.S. job market is treading water.

The number of new jobs created in December (155,000), and percent unemployment (7.8), were the same as the revised numbers for November.

Also, about the same number of people are looking for…


“It’s not all I would have liked,” says Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, speaking of the deal on the fiscal cliff, “so on to the debt ceiling.”

The battle over the fiscal cliff was only a prelude to the coming battle over raising the debt ceiling – a battle that will likely…

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Sentenced to 14 years in federal prison for drug trafficking, John Forte should still be incarcerated.  But Forte — a Grammy-nominated musician, activist and former producer for The Fugees — is free, and today he spoke about why it’s time to reform our criminal justice system.

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Are House Republicans – now summoned back to Washington by Speaker John Boehner — about to succumb to public pressure and save the nation from the fiscal cliff?

Don’t bet on it.

Even if Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell cooperates by not mounting a filibuster and allows the Senate to…


After listening to fellow This Week panelists Grover Norquist and Peggy Noonan defend elements of the NRA’s plan to end gun violence, Cory Booker shut down their arguments with a horrific, yet unsurprising, interjection. “I don’t know if anybody here has seen anybody shot,” Booker said. “I have. I don’t know if anybody here has had to put their hand in somebody’s chest and try to stop the bleeding so somebody doesn’t die. I have.” He went on to say that the current gun control debate is “convenient trick to try to divide our country more,” noting that 74 percent of NRA members agree that people shouldn’t be able to buy guns without a background check. “Let’s stop the false debate,” said Booker.


Nick Anderson, Houston Chronicle.

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Social Security is solvent for many years to come thanks to its hefty Trust Fund. So what people who claim Social Security contributes to the deficit are really saying is that a generation of workers has been defrauded.

They’re saying that all the surpluses Social Security generated through…


I keep hearing that the billionaires and big corporations that poured all that money into the 2012 election learned their lesson. They lost their shirts and won’t do it again.

Don’t believe that for an instant.

It’s true their political investments didn’t exactly pay off this time around.